The 4 Key Advantages of Aluminium Windows and Doors

Are you building a new home or looking to upgrade your current windows and doors? With so many styles and materials available on the market it can be confusing to work out which is the best option for you. At Open Windows and Doors, we offer a complete range of architecturally-designed commercial and residential products including premium aluminium windows and doors to businesses and homes across Perth and WA. Lightweight, low-maintenance and modern in design, the new generation of aluminium windows and doors are attractive, affordable and above all, highly energy efficient. Read on to find out more about the main advantages of choosing aluminium doors for your home or building.


Aluminium is extraordinarily resistant to harsh weather conditions and has a high resistance to corrosion. Unlike many other materials, aluminium will not swell, crack, split or warp over time, ensuring a long product life. Aluminium doors are the perfect for choice for those looking for a robust, low-maintenance option that will still look as good as new in many years to come.

Design Flexibility

Due to the way aluminium is manufactured, aluminium windows and doors can easily meet your exact design specifications while maintaining the inherent strength of the material. Aluminium doors can be manufactured to almost any size and style required to meet your design brief. There is also a large variety of customisations from glazing and hardware options to finishes in a wide range of colours.


Aluminium is an ideal, economical solution for windows and doors in any domestic or commercial application. Compared to other frame options, such as timber, aluminium is considerably more affordable.

Environmentally Friendly

Aluminium is a fully sustainable material, and it is non-toxic and 100% recyclable. Additionally, the recycling process of aluminium requires just five percent of the initial energy consumed to create it. This differentiates it from other framing materials and reinforces its sustainability rating. Aluminium is the perfect option for those looking for an eco-friendly solution for their new windows and doors.

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